Miller Dowel Company’s TruFit Drill Bits are stepped (not tapered) to create the perfect pilot hole to match a corresponding Miller Dowel. The fit between the Miller Dowel and the TruFit pilot hole results in just the right amount of surface tension to give the dowel its well known ‘instant set time’ when seated.

TruFit Drill Bits are made from hardened, high quality industrial grade high-speed steel (HSS) that can withstand high temperatures without compromising performance, or shortening the cutting life of the tool. Our drill bits are computer ground to a tolerance of two thousandths of an inch. They are designed with an aggressive helix and deep polished flutes to evacuate debris and to create efficient cutting angles. TruFit Drill Bits are extremely effective at cutting and removing large amounts of wood material quickly and easily.

Other features of the Miller Dowel TruFit Drill Bits include:

• Three positive locking flats are ground on the shank to prevent spin-out in the drill chuck.
• A depth groove is ground into the shank to assist the user in judging the depth of the pilot hole. This groove is deep enough to hold a rubber O-ring, if desired.
• A split point prevents walking along the grain when starting a new pilot hole.
• The overall lengths of our stepped drills are slightly longer than their corresponding Miller Dowel, which provides a small well at the bottom of the pilot hole for debris or excess glue to reside. TruFit Drill Bits are sold with an acrylic storage tube.

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